gurobi-optimods is distributed under the Apache License 2.0, meaning you can use, read, and modify the code freely within the license terms. However, it depends on a commercial package (gurobipy) that requires a license. When installed via pip or conda, gurobipy ships with a limited trial license for the Gurobi Optimizer that handles models up to a certain size.

The example datasets in the documentation can all be solved using this trial license. When using larger input datasets, you may encounter the error “Given data exceeds Gurobi trial license limits”. To run the Mod successfully with your larger dataset, you will need a full license for Gurobi.

  • If you are a commercial user: please visit to request a full-featured Evaluation License which will allow you to use datasets of unrestricted size in the OptiMods.

  • If you are an academic user: Gurobi provides free licenses for faculty members, students and staff at recognized academic institutions. In most cases you can generate a license yourself through the self-service feature of the Gurobi user portal. Please see How do I obtain a free academic license? for further instructions.